What if you wear other sports shoes to play badminton?

Badminton is one of the popular and loved sports, with an easy-to-understand way of playing and helping to improve health that many people and ages have chosen this sport to exercise. However, there are many people who still have the habit of wearing shoes of other sports to play badminton, so is it good? Today I will answer the problem if you wear other sports shoes to play badminton?

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Wear badminton running shoes

Running shoes are shoes designed specifically for running and they only guarantee the best protection for your feet when running. Many people still think that in addition to running, running shoes can be used in parallel with other activities such as playing badminton. However, this is not entirely wrong, but your feet will be more prone to injury than usual if you use shoes for other purposes.

In addition, these running shoes are often stiff and heavy, and the construction is sturdy to prevent excessive ankle rotation. Besides, if you bring a pair of running shoes on rough terrain to the badminton court, the risk of damage to the court and being kicked out is very high.

Usually, when playing badminton, many people wear running shoes to play badminton, but when playing badminton, players move in all directions back and forth, their toes will be squeezed and rotated in the shoes, increasing More risk of injury while playing.

Wear ping pong shoes to play badminton

Table tennis requires players to move back and forth and limit forward and backward movement, so shoes are designed to avoid vertical forces and avoid ankle sprains when players move and stop suddenly. when playing.

The sole of the table tennis shoe is specially designed to absorb shock and increase elasticity, thereby helping to minimize the unnecessary damage to the feet and knees of table tennis players. In addition, table tennis players need to move small and fast steps, which means that the direction of body movement will change rapidly and continuously.

And badminton players move large and continuous steps, so if you wear badminton shoes, the player will not be comfortable when moving, if you use an inappropriate pair of shoes, as simple as having a sole. If you change low altitude, it is very easy to injure your ankle joint.

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Wear volleyball shoes to play badminton

Volleyball is a sport that involves a lot of jumping, so shoes often have a high collar design to cover and protect the ankle joint. Due to the nature of volleyball, players often have to bounce high to block and smash the ball. Therefore, the pressure when landing on the front half of the foot is very large. Therefore, the soles of volleyball shoes are often designed with special cushioning layers to absorb all the impact forces.

Each type of shoe is worn on the dedicated field of that sport, if you wear another sports shoe on the field of another sport, the player will not only not be able to play well, but also quickly damage the shoe and especially, each sports shoes are designed to suit the characteristics of each sport, I recommend you to wear badminton shoes when playing badminton.


Above is an article that answers the question what will happen if you wear other sports shoes in badminton? that I have shared with you, hope the above information will help you equip yourself with the best and appropriate badminton knowledge!

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