Notes when choosing badminton rackets for children?

Badminton is a popular sport, chosen by many ages, from adults to children. Choosing the right badminton racket for children is also an important factor to help children play in the best way, so how to choose the right racket for children. Today I will share with you what should parents pay attention to when choosing badminton rackets for children?

For those who know how to play or play for a long time, choosing a racquet for themselves is simply because they know how the characteristics of a racquet suit their playing style. But with children, it is not so simple, because it is the parents who will choose the racket for the child.

Based on your baby’s height, weight, fitness

This is the first factor to choose the right badminton racket, because we need to determine whether the child’s height is suitable to hold the racquet or not and the hand strength is enough to swing the racquet, besides the weight. The baby’s weight also affects the baby’s running and jumping movements.

If parents do not understand these factors, it will greatly affect the orientation of choosing a racket for children.

Indicators on badminton rackets

Next, we need to pay attention to the racquet parameters, the larger the U parameter, the lighter the racket, if choosing for children, parents should choose a racket with U5 parameter to reduce the force when holding the racquet. The parameter G is the grip circumference, the larger G is, the smaller the grip circumference. Usually G2, G3 will be used for adults and children often use G4 or G5.
One more small note, that is, parents should not invest in children with an expensive racquet in the early stages, because when using the baby, they can swipe or collide hard, which can easily cause damage to the wife. , curved racket. It is best to choose Apacs, ProAce, … this is a relatively soft racket.

Or you can choose Apacs Lethal Light which is the most suitable for children, with a large handle circumference, but you can wear it to fit your child’s hand, then using a hand wrap is very suitable and very good for children. In addition, when buying, parents can also cut down the racquet wand so that the child can swing the racket comfortably.